Sunday, November 27, 2011

9 months - on the move!!!!

SO MUCH for not being mobile.....I think our days of sitting are pretty much over! The kids are crawling, which means there is NO sitting still for anyone in our household. Owen was the first to crawl. At first Harper couldn't care less... Until brother was crawling to, and getting all the fun toys. It was about a week later that Harper was on the move too. It's time to get the kneepads and baby-proof!

I know I've said this before & I'm sure it won't be the last time but this is definitely my FAVORITE stage! We're having SO MUCH FUN!!! Crawling, pulling up, sitting in high chairs, laughing, making ALL kinds of new noises... They are so funny! The kids have very different personalities, but they get so excited when they see each other and they love to 'talk' to each other - which comes in handy when we go to a restaurant - we just sit them across from each other and it is quite entertaining.


As long as the kids can't talk, mommy is going to dress them up however she pleases:) For our first Halloween Owen was the cutest monkey ever! Which was very fitting for his personality. And to continue the jungle animal theme Harper was a giraffe. So adorable! I'm pretty sure the kids were cursing us when we put the costume heads on them. But we managed to at least snap some pics before they got REALLY mad. And we even strolled around the block to show off our little animals;)

Harper & Owen with their 'froggy' cousin, Elliot
Our First Halloween was a success


We have somehow made it to campus for every home game (with the exception of the 40 degree Iowa state game) and the kiddos have gone with us to most. Let's face it - they need to learn the right traditions early. Sooner born & sooner bred....

OU vs. Tech w/Kristy

Harper with her PaPa on gameday


Harper & Pollie
Owen & Bella
There's one thing that always makes the kids smile - the dogs. All Bella & Pollie have to do is sit there & the kids crack up! They want to touch them and talk to them all the time. And the dogs are so great - they just sit & take it.

Chillin' with Grandmere

Harper & Owen are so lucky to have such a loving and amazing family. They have so many cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles that love them so much. And mommy & daddy are very blessed to have most of the family close. Grandmere & Grandpa live next door, the Malone cousins live a few minutes away, and although O and PaPa live in Clinton - they have an apartment about a mile away! We love our family!
All of the Malone cousins & Grandma Pauline (after Race for the Cure)

Reading with "O"
Harper & her cousin Cash

"Our little gymnast" - Harper has got to be the most flexible baby ever! I like to say that she's just practicing to be an OU cheerleader one day:) She is constantly sitting in the splits. And she definitely knows how to do 'Downward Dog'.  She and Owen both will be doing forward rolls before long 

"Peek-A-Boo" - Harper was the first to figure out the concept of object permanence. But Owen caught on pretty quick. They LOVE this game, and will sometimes even play by themselves when they think no one is watching. It's hilarious!

Funny Noises - It seems like every week the kids have discovered some new noise they can make. Harper figured out how to "cough" if she's not getting enough attention - then she laughs when her trick has worked. Owen - who is ALL BOY - has figured out how to make a motor sound as he crawls around. He also snorts. And while he's eating he makes the funniest face where he purses his lips, crinkles his nose and blows. Then laughs at himself! 


Every year we spend Thanksgiving in Clinton, with my family. So we packed up 2 kids, 2 dogs, a Bronco, and EVERYTHING that goes along with that.... and headed west. This year we have SO MUCH to be thankful for! We never knew how fulfilling our life could be until now. These 2 amazing little munchkins have truly added so much joy and happiness to our lives. We are definitely blessed beyond belief. 2011 has been quite the year - a new home, Kyle's new job, and TWO wonderful little blessings:) We couldn't be happier! 
Our first Thanksgiving in Clinton

Everyone tells us that the kids change every week. I guess we don't realize how true this is until we look back at pictures from previous weeks. It's AMAZING how much they do change and how quickly they learn. It really does get more fun every week. And it seems as though each stage is a little more fun than the previous. We love every moment:) 

A few more pics from the past few weeks:
Sitting in Owen's future Bronco

We gets LOTS of attention every time we go anywhere!

Loves her 'boots with da fur'

Sometimes we think Harper is going to jump right out of her jump seat:)

Big kids in our high chairs

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