Thursday, October 6, 2011

7 1/2 months!

Current Stats:

Harper Lane - 14 lbs.
Owen Brock - 15 lbs.

The kids are getting more fun every day! Week to week they learn something new, which means there's NEVER a dull moment at the Malone household. The good news is they aren't mobile....YET! They sit and play by themselves, which is wonderful for us, and we know they aren't going anywhere. However, it won't be long before we'll be chasing them everywhere. Owen definitely wants to be on the move. The child will roll over and over to get from one place to the next.

One new thing they do is reach for us...and anyone who will pick them up. They've got it figured out. They raise those little arms up & they know someone will pick them up. It works every time:) It's tough to resist. When they grab your face with their little hands, it melts my heart every time.

Owen still has his little 'rolly polly' bedtime routine -- he cracks himself up! It's pointless to swaddle the child because we know he'll roll right out of that blanket in no time! But they are great sleepers! (at night-time anyway) They sleep from 8 pm to 7:30 or 8 am. It's wonderful!


We finally got the nurseries complete. Yes - Harper and Owen already have their own rooms. At first our plan was to keep the kids in the same room, and have the other room for a playroom. However, we decided that 2 cribs in 1 room was a little overwhelming. So we figured now was as good of time as any to separate them.

Owen's Nursery:

 Harper's Nursery:

SOONER born & SOONER bred! 

The kids have gotten to experience several OU tailgates. We've decided they need to be raised right - they must learn about game-day, campus corner, and OU tailgating early! They have actually done really well. I think all of the people watching REALLY keeps them entertained!

First tailgating experience

Pooped out!
Owen with Aunt Rachie

The kids with Aunt Katy
Getting ready for some tailgating

Harper with O
Owen with PaPa

"this tailgating stuff wears me out"
"Not me! So much to look at!"


Here's a few pics from the past couple of weeks:

just doin' a little reading...
so serious


Mesmerized by the Aqua Marine Lamp

Fighting over the Aqua Marine Lamp

"sister come give bubbie a hug.."

happy babies:) 

mommies homemade fruits & veggies

sleepy time...

flu shots...NO fun:(  sister, once again, trying to calm brother down

fighting over the OU bib

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