Tuesday, March 15, 2011


OK - so those of you who read my last post (on Feb. 20th) knew that these babies were trying to make their grand appearance into this world! Well that night at 11:30 PM (I was exactly 34 weeks) my water broke! We were sleeping (YES, I actually was sleeping for the first time in maybe 3 weeks! And probably the last... Ha!) and I was suddenly awakened by what I can only describe as an explosion! It literally felt like a huge water balloon had burst inside of me! I thought I was dreaming. There was no question that it was time to get to the hospital. As I woke up Kyle (by whacking him in the face of course) we both jumped out of bed and panicked for a few brief moments. Then, as I was trying to clean myself up and change clothes (not an easy task for a super-pregnant woman) Kyle managed to pack a bag (no he hadn't packed one yet!), take a shower (yes a shower!!!), put the dogs outside, start a load of laundry (because of the wet sheets), and load the car.... By midnight we were checking in at the hospital.
The next few hours were a like a whirlwind! After getting changed, poked, prodded, and answering a few questions I was in the operating room having my c-section. And before I knew it, I heard Owen's loud scream...what a beautiful sound! On Monday, Feb. 21st at 1:26 AM Owen Brock Malone was born (4.0 lbs.) & at 1:27 AM Harper Lane Malone was born (4 lb. 3oz.)!

Owen Brock

Harper Lane

Other than being 6 weeks early, Owen and Harper were very healthy tiny babies:)
Because they were not 35 weeks, they were required to stay in the NICU. Harper was there for 10 days and Owen was there for 11 days. Not bad at all! They were never on oxygen, they just needed to learn how to suck, swallow and breathe efficiently, eat enough, and maintain their body temperature. During their stay, we learned a LOT from the NICU nurses. They are wonderful at what they do, and we knew that this was the best place for the babies to be.
Our first family pic!

Daddy holding the twins

Daddy feeding Owen
Mommy feeding Harper

We are now at home with the babies, just trying to figure everything out and working on getting a schedule down. It's a trial and error learning process, and although we have had a few sleepless nights, we couldn't be happier to have these two little miracles to hold and love!

At their first appointment with our pediatrician, the babies were doing wonderful! Owen had gained 8 ounces above his birth weight, and Harper had gained 6 ounces. We couldn't be happier to have two healthy, beautiful amazing babies!!!!!!

We have had so many friends and family members offering support. THANK YOU to all of you who came to visit at the hospital, called, sent texts, sent flowers and gifts, and said prayers for us. And thank you to those of you who have brought food or come to visit us at home. We are truly blessed with wonderful caring friends and family:) We love you all so much!

Harper meeting her cousin Elliot, who is 20 days older
"we love our nap nannies!"
mommy with Owen - before his first outing! he's so excited
"me too!... actually I just want to eat!"
"I want a kiss mommy!!!"

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