Sunday, February 20, 2011

34 weeks!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

Another milestone! Yes we've made it to a point in our pregnancy where any couple expecting multiples hopes to make it - 34 weeks:) And boy is it getting tough. We think Harper and Owen are telling us that they are ready to make their grand entrance into this world. We had a small scare at our latest doctor visit. I'd been having contractions and cramping for a couple of days, however I didn't realize how many contractions. Luckily, we had our non-stress test scheduled for this visit. The test shows a few things, one of which is the frequency and intensity of contractions. Lying there for about 25 minutes strapped to the monitor was anything but comfortable! Then we learned that I'd had 10 contractions in 20 minutes! Wow! Not good. In addition to this, my cervix had thinned even more and the doctor said I was on the verge of dilating. This made us realize that it isn't going to be long before we meet these babies.

I was given some medicine to hopefully stop the contractions, which I've been taking religiously. It seems to be working - the contractions aren't as bad, but they are still there. In addition to the contractions, the past week has been pretty rough and just seems to be getting tougher. I've almost kicked this head cold that i've had for 3 weeks, but the cough and congestion are still lingering a bit. Kyle and I seem to be giving it back and forth to each other (this is one thing a couple does NOT want to share)! Other pregnancy symptoms that are making me completely miserable: SWELLING! Wow I never thought my legs could get this big! I have elephant legs! And the right one is about twice the size of the left. Seriously, not only do I have cankles but, is there a term for the disappearing of your knee when the thigh just continues to the calf?? If not, there should be. I believe this contributed to my 6.5 lb. weight gain in 1 week!!! HEARTBURN! Food does not even sound good to me (and if you know me at all you know that's definitely odd). It's like there's a fire in my esophagus even when I drink water! Yikes! HEADACHES! Yes the awful tension headaches are back and painful as ever.
BACK PAIN! I'm sure the fact that my 5'1" frame Is supporting about 35 extra pounds in my abdominal region contributes to the low back pain - just a little. However, the elephant legs do make supporting this extra weight a little easier. Until they start going numb!
WADDLING! Yes I am officially a waddler. There's no way around it. INSOMNIA! Sleep? What is that? And comfort? I can't even remember what it's like to be comfortable! And just when I'm
about as comfortable as I'm going to get, the URGE TO PEE EVERY 15 MINUTES really ruins it.
The final complaint is BED-REST! Watching movies, reading, online shopping, Facebook, Words with friends... I'm sick of it all. And especially sick of looking at my living room, knowing that it's 75 degrees outside and I'm stuck in this recliner :( However, the visits from friends and family have really cheered me up and make the time go by much quicker :)

Okay okay, I'm done complaining for now. I'm sure that just made every one of you who hasn't had babies super excited about pregnancy. Haha! The good news is Harper and Owen are continuing to grow and are healthy. They most likely both weigh well over 4 lbs by now. So whenever they do decide to come, they will be fine. They are still in the same position (not much room to move around), with Owen breech and sitting really low in my pelvic region. It feels like he may just push his way out any day - which is REALLY uncomfortable for mom. Miss Harper is still on top lying transverse and taking up most of the room. We're wondering if she may be the more dominant one?! Or maybe the bully! Haha!

Harper and Owen could come any time, and momma and daddy are sooo ready to meet them. So for now, the bag is packed and we just wait! As always thank you to all of our friends and family for the kind words, visits, phone calls, thoughts and prayers!

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