Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 months...almost halfway!!!

Well - This is just a quick update...

Everything is going great so far! I've felt really good, considering there are 2 human beings growing inside of me. I felt the babies move for the first time a few days ago, which was exciting. However, they definitely don't move on command:(  haha! Can't wait for Kyle to be able to feel them move too!

We go in this week for another ultrasound. YAY:)  So, as long as these babies are cooperating, we should be able to find out the genders!!!!! However, we have to make it fun right?!! So, we plan on having a "sex party" Friday to reveal the genders. Haha! That way, we find out along with our friends and family. We are sooooo excited! We'll have 2 cakes - white of course - however the inside of each cake will be either blue or pink to reveal boy or girl! We'll post pics soon!

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  1. Cute blog Stephanie! Such an exciting time for you guys :)