Sunday, September 26, 2010

How our adventure began!

Trying to get pregnant has not been an easy task for us! After years of trying the "natural way", we decided to see a fertility specialist earlier this year. It was July when we decided to do IVF (in vitro fertilization). It was a crazy and intense process, that consumed our lives for several weeks. But - it worked the first time!!!

July 22nd - The day we found out we were pregnant!
We went to the dr. to take a pregnancy test, and were told to expect a phone call within 1-2 find out the long awaited news! OMG - it took about 3 hours, which seemed like eternity!!!! I was about to go crazy. But I'll never forget that phone call from my favorite nurse, Bea Jay, who told me the news we've waited so long to hear! YOUR PREGNANT!!!! Wow! So exciting! Now what????

Aug. 12th - (7 weeks pregnant) Our first ultrasound! TWINS!
Well, we didn't really know what to expect at this first prenatal visit! Dr. K did an ultrasound, which showed not 1, but 2 heartbeats! WOW! Now, we had an idea that this may happen. After all we did implant 2 embryos. But finding out that you're about to be parents of TWO babies (at one time!) is not the kind of news you can prepare yourself for. We were very excited, but it took a few days for the news to really sink in.

Sept. 2nd - Ultrasound #2 (10 weeks pregnant)  They're starting to look like babies!
It is AMAZING how much those little critters can grow in just 3 weeks. They were actually beginning to look like babies, not just blobs! The babies heart rates were good, they were growing at a good rate, and they were moving around quite a bit! One lil baby was very active. The arms were moving all around. I teased Kyle, saying that it must be a little girl practicing her cheerleading moves! Haha!
Since everything looked good, we were released from the specialist at this point, to go back to my OB in Norman.

Sept. 23rd - Ultrasound #3 (13 weeks pregnant) The twins are growing!
First prenatal visit with Dr. Parker. OMG we just can't believe how much they have grown - again! At this point, the babies have all of their organs (you can even see their brains). And they have arms and legs, which were moving a lot! Again - one lil baby was quite a bit more active, this time kicking the legs. Wow - this early and the peanuts are already fighting! Haha!

Can't wait for the next ultrasound in 3 weeks....we should find out the genders!!!!

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