Monday, May 21, 2012

15 Months!

Wow - I know it's been a few months since our last post, but as these kids get busier... WE get busier!
It seems as though every day these little monkeys discover something new - and some new way to make life a little crazier for mom and dad:)

H & O are not only walking, they are running EVERYWHERE and into everything. Owen is, of course, our rambunctious one - who has no qualms about taking his sister down at any second. I'm convinced the child WILL have bruises and scrapes his entire life. Harper is a bit more cautious, but absolutely fearless. She is the one to test the waters, and test the limits. I have a feeling she will be the ornery one, but does she ever have that little smile that can melt your heart. She's got it figured out - how to get her way.
They truly are little monkeys - climbing onto chairs, tables, couches, stairs - not only up, but down stairs, OFF of the changing table, and off of the furniture. If they can't reach it, they will find a way (even if it involves climbing on each other)! What is it about opening, closing, opening, closing, opening... that is soooo appealing to a child?! They are such a big help when it comes to closing doors and drawers. Hahaha!

Little fish! They LOVE to swim - well, they love to be in the water. They would jump right in if we'd let them. Good thing, considering Grand Mere' & Grandpa have a pool right next door. And we're about to take them on their first beach vacation to Galveston, with the whole family! So they will get to experience the ocean for the first time. We're very excited. (Pics to come soon).

We've been working on sign language for several months now - learning a new word every few weeks. Here's the extent of their sign language: 'more'/'again', 'all done', 'please', 'milk' (although they have their own version of milk), and we're working on 'thank you'.

They love to give hugs and kisses (although their kisses involve an open mouth - it's pretty cute). It's amazing to see how completely different boys and girls are, even at this age. Harper is so tender, sweet and loving - hugging her stuffed animals, blowing kisses, and cuddling with mommy and daddy. And she is our thumb sucker! Owen is ALL boy - constantly running into things, banging his head against walls & windows, and running full force - taking down anything in his way. He cracks himself up:)
He is our 'binky boy'. It's amazing how a tiny little pacifier, well, does just that - pacifies him for the time being. And boy can he throw a fit! Temper tantrum king!!! Have the terrible two's come early with him??! Oh - and not to mention he LOVES to be naked! It's a full-fledged fight to change this child's diaper. And another fight to get his clothes or PJs on him. We're dreading the day he and sister learn how to disrobe themselves and/or each other - yikes!

Here a a few pics from the last couple of months. Hopefully it won't be three more months until the next post! Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy:)

Easter in Clinton...

Easter with O & PaPa


The "Run Lucky" - St. Patty's Day 5K in OKC.... we jammed to the BOSE stereo throughout the entire run. And the kids did amazing! Completing their first 5K in under 30 minutes:)

Harper and Aunt Tegan
 Having fun at home....

LOVE their ball pit - thnx Aunt Katy:) 

Yes, Owen is eating off of the floor...oops

Excursions & picnics....

Target trip
Playtime at daddy & grandpa's mountain bike race
picnics in the front yard are so much fun!

First 'spikey' haircut
with Grandpa Sam - watching the regatta

Owen loves daddy's Bronco

'helping' mommy do dishes...haha

discovered the toilet paper - it was a joint effort
"Hahaha I stole brother's cape"!!!

Owen and his little vaccuum

Owen - with his brush & shopping cart...

The kids first boat ride! Thanks Aunt Leesa and Uncle JC! SOOO much fun:)

baby the bar of Highport Marina

 with Captain JC...

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  1. Steph they are so cute!!! I can't believe how big they are! I love seeing your updates...makes me excited for the girls to hit all these milestones :)