Saturday, June 4, 2011

3 1/2 months

 WOW how time flies! The little munchkins are really growing and life is a constant adventure! We have been having a lot of fun, but the word "exhausting" doesn't begin to explain it! As they get bigger, so do their noises (cries, screams, farts, etc.). Haha! But their personalities are really forming.

Little Man slept through most of the shoot! an eye open


"Little Man" (Owen) is still our high maintenance one. We've discovered that he has reflux, meaning he spits up ALL of the time! And it must really be uncomfortable, because he tells us all about it. And when the child is hungry he will definitely tell you - he can be heard from across the street! He still goes through three times as many outfits, burp rags, and bibs as his sister. And just like his daddy, he LOVES to be outside (even if it's 100 degrees outside). The three things that will calm him down - a car ride, a stroller ride and being outside (sometimes just looking out the door will do it).

"Little Miss" or "sister" as we call her (Harper) is still just as sweet and happy as they come. She's our little cuddle-bug. She loves to curl up on mommy and daddy's tummy and nap. If she's crying, you know she's REALLY hungry or poopy, or she just wants to be held. It's doesn't take much to make her happy. And she now smiles, laughs and 'talks'/coos all the time.

Owen is about 11 pounds and Harper is around 10 right now. And it seems like they are getting chubbier every day. They still don't pay much attention to each other yet. It seems as though Owen wants nothing to do with his sister, and Harper will just stare at Owen for the longest time. She must be thinking "why are you sooooooo stinkin' loud???" hehe! One thing's for sure they are NOT deprived of hugs and kisses. They are just soooo lovable! These babies have changed our world, and brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. And it's only just beginning....
Naptime....  :-O

Harper with PaPa & "O"

Getting ready for their 'meet & greet' in Clinton
Little Man slept through the entire thing!

But Miss Harper was wide awake & happy

Our first Easter.....

Not excited about these pictures!
He slept through the entire shoot...again!
Her first easter egg hunt!

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  1. They are just precious! I love how Owen is always asleep, I guess that is a good thing if he cries alot. At least his pictures are not of him screaming. They do change your life, but in the best way. Exhaution doesn't even sum it up but I wouldn't change it for the world. We can sleep when they grow up and have kids of their own. :)