Monday, January 24, 2011

30 WEEKS!!!

Well - another milestone! We're now 30 weeks pregnant, and still doing good. The babies are about 3 pounds each now, and still moving like crazy! Harper is now a little bigger than Owen, and still the more active one. Their growth is on track and everything still seems to be going just as it should.

However one thing has changed within the last few weeks. Mom's cervix has gotten shorter and thinner-  NOT good! So, I've been given the word from the doctor to quit working and exercising :(  The more time I'm off my feet - the better.  For many people this may sound like great news. ha! But those of you who know me at all - realize this will not be easy for me! I'm a busy-body - and there's still SOOO much to do before these babies arrive! The good news is, I'm not on actual bed-rest. I'm still able to get up and about, run errands, etc. I just have to listen to my body, and make sure I'm off my feet for a good chunk of each day. My oversized, electric recliner and I have become good friends! Haha. I try to sit with my feet up (reading, watching movies, surfing the net, planning baby and house stuff...) for a good part of the day. But I've realized that I need one 'outing' every day - or I go crazy!

I know this is for the best. The longer we can keep the babies in, the more they develop and grow. These last few weeks are vital for their development.  I've realized that a huge stress has been lifted off of me. I feel much better since I've been relaxing more. People keep telling me to take advantage of this forced time off because it will probably NEVER happen again! Soooo true!

On another note, I had my last baby shower last weekend. My wonderful friends put together an awesome shower! I had a great time seeing tons of friends and family, many of whom I rarely get to see. Wonderful friends/family, amazing food, and so many amazing gifts! I feel very blessed!

Guess how big around Stephanie is????


  1. Looking so great Steph!!! How exciting that you are getting closer to meeting those precious babies!!!

  2. You look great! I am very happy that you and the babies are doing so well! Well done mom!! Just a handful of weeks longer! Keep those babies happy and heathly!!