Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21 Weeks - Over Halfway!!!

Well, things are still going great! The babies are growing just like they should be (and so is mama). Supposedly, they are the length of large bananas now (about 10.5 inches long). As of last week, Owen was 14 ounces and Harper was 12 ounces. We think Owen is a little bigger because he is the lazy one! haha! Harper is definitely the active one! She moves around like crazy on a daily basis. Not only is Owen a bit lazy, but also a little shy. He's hiding his face each time we try to get a good pic during the ultrasounds. We're definitely curious as to whether this is going to be the case after the babies are born:)  Is Harper going to be the outgoing, social butterfly?? Will Owen be more introverted?? Who knows! But we sure can't wait to meet these little ones!

As for mom - the doctor has said to really start slowing down & taking it easy. The extra weight and pressure on my cervix makes things a little more risky than a normal (single-baby) pregnancy. Those of you that know me at all, realize this will be extremely difficult! However, it will be worth it! Anything to avoid (or postpone) bed-rest and prevent  pre-term labor.

As always, we appreciate the continued prayers from our friends and families. Your support and love mean so much to us! Thank you for being there for us, and please continue to follow our blog:)

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